Train-A-Thon Tips

Train-A-Thon events can be hectic and difficult if you aren’t prepared properly. Here are some tips to help give you the best chance at placing well.

First off, city setup:

Your training city (or cities of you choose) should have ARMOURY, FORGE, STABLES. There is no need for VAULT, EMBASSY, TAVERN, SAGE TOWER or ACADEMY. The goal is to max out the amount of troops you can build in each queue. Because you are training in an event the need for homes outweighs the need for barracks. I would set up with only the required buildings listed above, 1-4 BARRACKS and the rest HOUSES.
Also, ensure you have NO resource fields as the amount of troops you can build is based off IDLE POPULATION and res fields take away from that number.

Secondly, event type:

So obviously if it is a troop type specific then that’s what you need to focus on building. HOWEVER, if it is an ALL TROOP TYPE event then my recommendation would be to build either T2 troops or T1 WALL as those will give you the best return. Keep note that if you choose T1 WALL you will need to have a friend outside of alliance to zero your wall from time to l time.

If it is a WALL building event I would stick with T1 WALL remembering to have someone available to empty wall troops so that you can keep going. If it is a TACTICAL event I would stick with PIKEMEN. They give the best value.

Remember to keep lots of res in your building city and if worried about being hit just bubble until event is over.